Bowen Therapy, Bowenwork, Access Consciousness are all processes that assist the body to promote a better state of being mentally, physically, emotionally, increase stamina and well being.

A Bars Session consists of holding 32 points on the body. This process allows your body to re-calibrate and re-create a more relaxed state of being.

Is your body holding onto a story that no longer serves you in the present?
What if change could occur with ease and joy and glory?
Would you be willing to connect with your body on a deeper level to experience a state of relaxation you haven't felt in years?

I would be delighted to run your Bars, which allows you to experience first hand the changes and space that it can create.

Access Consciousness Bars Sessions:

60 minutes $80
90 minutes $100

Discount offered - three 60 minute sessions for $75 each when paid in full.

Gift certificates available