​​Bowenwork®, ThetaHealing® and Access Consciousness® are all great modalities to assist the body to relax, reduce tension and promote the bodies ability to self heal.  LifeWave® X39 production by photosynthesis.  Increase stamina, energy, relaxation, lymph flow, and pain reduction may occur from any of the processes or products.

How would you like the opportunity to assist your body to create its own stem cells by using patented patches that use light waves.  Micheal Servais is the founder of the company and has research and scientific development to maintaining  your immune response.  Our stem cell production is reduced as we age and our body responds to repair more slowly.  These patches can also be used for your pets by attaching to their collar or harness.

Click on the LifeWave® link below to further explore the many patches that are available, or contact me directly to learn more.